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Introduction To Jackpots And Progressive Jackpot Slots

The jackpot is one of the most coveted prizes that are granted by slots machines: it is a large sum that has the characteristic of being able to be won in one shot, instantly. Skill or luck? It takes a pinch of both, but knowing the type of slot machine in front of you is a step toward winning the notorious jackpot.

The most popular types of jackpot games and the main jackpot categories

A similar operation to that of jackpots for slot machines is also achieved with jackpots for the following games:

• poker and video poker (also the Caribbean stud variant of poker)
• blackjack
• roulette,
• lotteries.

However, the jackpot slot machine remains the most compelling, thanks to the speed of the game and the attractive graphics that distinguish the themes of these slots. This is thanks to the variety of machines that make it available, allowing players to experience different games and never get bored.

How do progressive jackpot slots work?

We have seen what a jackpot is and how it works in practice: now is the time to consider how this applies to progressive jackpot slots. These slot machines take advantage of the jackpot’s growth to increase their jackpot, both as regards physical and online ones. Every time a player bets a coin, a percentage part of the amount wagered is added to the total jackpot of all the connected slots. In land-based casinos, the progressive jackpot slot machines are constantly connected and constantly about the increase in the jackpot: most of them clearly and captivatingly shows the current amount of the jackpot on their circuit. The more players participate, the higher the amount to be won! In online progressive jackpot slot machines, in the same way, the jackpot grows as players participate, even with minimal figures; the difference compared to physical casinos lies in not having a specific and a limited number of machines dedicated to jackpots. Therefore the number of players who contribute to the growth of the jackpot is not confined to how many slot machines are available as in land casinos!

The most common progressive jackpot slots and progressive jackpot categories

Jackpot slots can be of several types. Here are which progressive jackpot slot machines are among the most popular:

Single jackpot: these are slots that provide a single jackpot, not connected to other machines.

Progressive jackpot connected between multiple machines: the jackpot of this type is formed thanks to a group of slot machines connected.

Large area jackpot: in this case, not only different slot machines are connected, but also those belonging to different casinos.

You can challenge your luck both online and live: all casinos offer customers various progressive jackpot slots.